Distribution Centers in:
Sacramento, Stockton, Turlock
Merced, Fresno & Tranquillity

Corporate Headquarters:
4895 S. Airport Way, Stockton, CA 95206

Customer Service:
Phone (800) 736-3421
Fax (209) 234-7295

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Created by Marcia Herrmann Design

Confidence is driving with Sinclair

Now available in California, the Sinclair gasoline brand has been helping western America drive with confidence for over 90 years. Formed from the assets of eleven small petroleum companies in 1916, Sinclair is one of the oldest continuous names in the oil business. The first corporate emblem, SINCO, was registered November 1, 1916. 

Consumers recognize and trust the Green Dinosaur image, while supporting a brand that offers independent dealers an opportunity to aggressively compete in today’s tough environment through the brand’s flexibility, quality image and wealth of business solutions and resources.  


Consumers enjoy all of the same “bells and whistles” of the major brand names with the additional satisfaction of knowing they are buying gas from an American company.

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